Is video suitable for all sectors? 9 video examples!

Do you think you work in a field that is "too serious" or "unsexy" to advertise in?

Video is a powerful tool and contrary to what you may think, it can be adapted to all sectors! And if your competitors have not yet grasped the niche, don't think that video has no place, on the contrary, it's time to stand out!

Reach your target where they are! In an ultra-connected world, consumers no longer go online for every administrative procedure and all sectors are concerned. Whether it concerns banking, insurance, accounting, law or any other administrative process, in general, the user goes online as soon as it is possible.

The sectors mentioned here are particular because they concern a service and not a product. In addition, we will be talking about more delicate subjects such as law, money or health, which leads to the use of a particular form of communication and promotion. 


If you follow our blog articles regularly, you know that video has a special and very powerful impact! It's engaging and adapts perfectly to different types of communication in all sectors. We have selected a few to illustrate the impact of video through some significant examples.

Table of Contents

1. Video in the banking sector

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According to Febelfin -representatives of the financial sector in Belgium- Belgians are doing more and more of their banking online.

Thus, they observe that: 

  • 91 % of respondents handle their finances via their computer and 81 % via their banking application
  • People are increasingly subscribing to online and mobile banking
  • Chat and video are common
  • The majority of Belgians no longer go to agencies
  • 45% of Belgian users believe that contact can be made more online
  • Consumer behavior has led to a decrease in the number of agencies
  • The use of the species is no longer always the norm

It is time for your bank to communicate where the user is... Online! Obviously, it is not a question of drowning the user in a mountain of figures and non-digestible information. Typically, the bank communicates its values and its USP* via a strong emotional message, which can be done through a funny or touching storytelling for example. 

*USP: The unique selling proposition is a sales or service proposition which, as its name indicates, is "unique". It is a strong and differentiating marketing and sales element, your competitors must not have the same USP as you.

The Boursorama bank ad is hilarious! Declined in several versions, we see situations of everyday life where we put forward the fact that we never recommend something "average" to someone. You can see an average restaurant, a not so good apartment for sale, and even the slogan "at Boursorama bank, almost half of the customers come under the advice of a relative".

Of course we know what we're talking about! If you're still confused, we'd like to introduce you to one of our clients in the banking sector. Duckmotion has made an explanatory video on the business model of MOZZENO.

Are you in the banking industry and want to learn more? The Duckteam recommends the 9th edition of "bank management"A whole chapter is dedicated to bank marketing! 

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2. Video in the insurance industry

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As for banks, the user will go directly online to contact his insurance. This phenomenon is even amplified in this sector, from the insurance comparator to the search for his insurer through the administrative steps, the preferred place of customers as well as insurers will be the Internet. In recent years we have seen the emergence of a new type of insurance, exclusively online.

Thelem insurance features a touching little boy who thinks he can fix everything with his scotch tape, and that's it!

In this Allianz ad, they highlight the lifelong support that is offered to us. The images are soft, almost touching, but they are accompanied by a note of humor.

Once again, we are fortunate to work with a major player in the insurance industry, AXA. We realize for Legal VillageAXA Belgium legal protection, numerous videos for the social networksWe have a wide range of products and services for you to choose from, from motion design to interviews and film!

You see? Anything is possible, even in insurance! We have created a whole graphic universe in order to make this sector more attractive! 

Here are some examples of short videos we create especially for their social networks.

Are you in the insurance industry and want to learn more? The Duckteam recommends the 3rd edition of the "main principles of insurance marketing", from traditional marketing to digital insurance marketing you will become an expert in your field!

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3. Video in the legal sector

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As an example is worth 1000 words, we present you the campaign "never without my lawyer". Launched in 2016 this campaign is broadcast as a humorous and/or engaging web series. It will eventually last 2 seasons composed of 8 episodes of one minute each. The videos feature Lola, a citizen facing different questions or stages of daily life, which will inevitably lead her to consult .... a lawyer! 

The campaign reached 14 million views for both seasons combined, it will also appear in the television media on prestigious channels like tf1 or BFMtv. Find a complete article on the success of this extraordinary digital campaign!

If you want to learn more about legal marketing? The Duckteam has found you a little legal marketing guide !

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4. Video in the political sector

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If you are in politics, you know that awareness is the key! You have to communicate your program, the values of your party and appeal to the population on issues that are important to you. Political marketing can obviously consist in promoting a person.

Nowadays, flyers are no longer as impactful and video allows to deliver a message in an efficient way. Why shouldn't this phenomenon apply to politics? 

Whether on the party's website, on the candidate's or the party's social networks, the video has its place everywhere. 

Depending on the political party, here are some examples! Don't forget, the video and especially the snack contentare the preferred formats for social networks.

The PS accumulates 13,2k followers on instagram for 858 publications. They have a real community to interact with. They wear the colors of their party and are active on a daily basis, the objective is to position themselves on social issues that concern us all. Moreover, the PS posts videos quite often, which allows them to stimulate the account!

ps instagram video

The MR accumulates 7.308 subscribers for 981 publications. Blue is the dominant color of the account, the branding is well recognizable and they are very active, but have not yet switched to video format!


Maybe it's coming soon? And the MR.... need a video? 😉

mr instagram video

The party ECOLO has 10.9K followers for 1513 publications. They are active on a daily basis and post a lot of videos that are specially designed for the platform, impactful and engaging content that lasts a few seconds.

green instagram video

The N-VA has 29.8K followers on Instagram for 1412 posts. It must be said that they use the platform particularly well. They post a lot of videos and use humor quite regularly.

nva instagram video

The numbers speak for themselves, video is appreciated by the algorithms and inevitably helps the development of an account. This video trend is present on all platforms and not only on Instagram.

The Canadian Embassy wanted to launch a large video campaign aimed at Canadian and Belgian investors. We have therefore realized  a series of very pragmatic interviews, combined with small capsules in motion design presenting "interesting facts". A winning bet and a winning combination for an institution that dared to go beyond institutional codes to present a very attractive didactic content. 

For challenge we made a motion design video representing their political ideals. 

"Challenge" met, a dynamic video that has its own graphic identity, in line with that of the party. 

Want to learn more? The Duckteam has selected a book that explains why the political marketing and communication have become a must.

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5. Video in the interim sector

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Temporary employment agencies are numerous, distinguish yourselves through an offer and a full brand image, both to reach candidates and companies. 

The Polygone agency has understood this with its offbeat ads. 

Here, we see recruitment as a soccer match, the objective is to score a goal and in other words get a contract, something made possible by the agency Polygone.

This ad from the 80's shows us that advertising is not new, it has always been a powerful marketing tool in all sectors.

For DaoustWe have made a video presentation of their new platform "Daoust connect". This application allows a more efficient management of temporary workers. 

Are you a temp agency recruiter? The Duckteam has found you the survival guide essential! Need content for social networks? Contact us!

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6. Video in the education sector

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Whether it's recruiting new teachers or attracting new students, video is a powerful tool that allows viewers to better remember your offer.

Today, the choice is so vast for students that they sometimes do not know all the options available to them. The ULB has understood this with its Youtube followed by 18,000 people.


They communicate about the different programs but also about important information that is not always understood by everyone. You will learn how to access the social service or how to complete your application.

Just as a teacher takes attendance in his or her classroom each morning, this recruitment campaign in Quebec asks teachers to be present. In this case, it is the child who does the attendance, the staging emphasizes the need for schools to recruit new teachers.

This recruitment campaign in France is in a more classic style called "inspirational". The objective is to inspire today's youth to become tomorrow's teachers.

Duckmotion created a clear, explanatory video to present the Brussels Training screening program. We obtained a very attractive motion design video with an offbeat design. It was highly identifiable, breaking the codes of the sector and in line with the graphic universe known to the target audience. A winning combination for a message that reaches its goal. 

7. Video in the non-profit sector, asbl

symbol hand

The associations have a role of sensitizing the general public to a cause which is dear to them. Once again, the video has an impact, it produces particular emotions and allows to transmit a message with clarity which allows a better understanding of the stakes of the association in question.

The Abbé Pierre Foundation delivers a message of solidarity towards the homeless via a poignant advert whose slogan is "Alone, we can help. Together, we can save".

Sandy Hook Promise reveals a chilling commercial that aims to prevent the use of weapons in the United States. In this video, we can see two young people who are getting to know each other while one of their classmates is preparing a killing in their school.

Duckmotion launched an A/B testing campaign on social networks for the association Friends of the Blind and Visually Impaired, in order to collect donations. The objective was to explain, make known and promote the association to a specific public. 

The Duckteam found a complete article on the video communication for associations.

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8. Video in the health sector

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In the medical sector, whether public or private, advertising aims to inform the public about the various advances but also to obtain political support or funding. 

The objectives and means may vary but the final goal will always be to deliver clear information to patients. Thus, we can opt for interview videos, informative videos or prevention campaigns.

For example, the French government wished to inform its population about the effectiveness of generic drugs, which were less preferred than brands. 

The WHO regularly creates prevention campaigns at different levels, here is their AIDS prevention campaign.

For the red crosswe have made a presentation video for online first aid training as part of the driver's license.

The Duckteam found a nice article which illustrates every possible style example for hospital video production.

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9. Video in the real estate sector

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In the real estate industry, the agent will be facing clients who are about to make the purchase of a lifetime. Differentiate yourself from the classic real estate agencies and propose qualitative, informative and demarking content in order to put the potential buyer in confidence.

This humorous ad features a divorcing couple looking to sell their home but their agent apparently wasn't available quickly enough....

Here, we see two friends who have to separate following a move. Century 21 emphasizes the fact that the needs of customers will be respected, it's not just a question of m2!

Duckmotion has produced an explanatory video for CBRE about the current situation in the coworking world. This presentation allowed to communicate about the next available spaces and the advantages of working in coworking.

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Want to know more? The Duckteam has found a article on real estate marketing!

There is no doubt that video is a chameleon that goes everywhere and opting for this means of communication inevitably leads to superior performance! The ultimate goal is to stand out from the competition and find your target! From a more classic style with the aim of informing to a more shocking style with the aim of buzzing, the video allows an infinite number of results. 


Still think video isn't right for your industry?

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