Video snacks to feed your social networks

Short and dynamic regular content for your social networks (organic or paid). Fresh, punchy and regularly renewed content. For a constant presence at a controlled price, that algorithms love...
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What is

snack content

video ?

3 reasons to use content video snack

The video snack content is created with a focus on social networks

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Strong commitment

Snack vidéo courte

Short, entertaining, shareable

Snack vidéo

Suitable for the scroll era

Short videos
are a real trend on social networks.

Stand out from the millions of content generated with content that can be viewed quickly when scrolling!
If they are well constructed, your videos will be seen until the end by your potential consumers. A perfect boost for your algorithm!

Need an ROI?
Measure the results!

How to combine creativity with data? Oh god we love digital! Everything that is broadcast can be tracked and analyzed! You want to implement a snack content strategy, but you want to be sure to have a return on investment (ROI)? We analyze for you all the parameters useful to your business (really useful, we are not talking about vanity metrics that flatter the ego without bringing results), such as CTR, CPC, CPM impressions, conversions, bounce rate on your site from social networks traffic.

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