Motion design video

A new video trend, and above all a real opportunity for brands, motion design allows you to give life to your digital projects. This animation technique is a powerful tool for putting data and concepts into images, making infographics more dynamic or simplifying theoretical notions.

What is motion design?

Animation design or 2D motion design is a graphic creation technique that consists in animating graphic elements (shapes, characters, words, etc.). All styles are possible, from the simplest to the most complex. Add to that music and sound effects, and you will obtain an innovative, captivating and impactful rendering!

2D animation can fulfill different objectives. Presentation video, explanatory video, tutorial, product video,... motion design can be a real asset for the communication of your company.

Motion design is particularly adapted to represent abstract concepts that are difficult to imagine. This technique allows to make a very theoretical explanation attractive, easily understandable and memorable.

Why make a motion design video?

Video motion design Auderghem

Interview and motion design

We can also add graphic inserts to a filmed video to dynamize and illustrate the content of the video. This technique is particularly interesting for videos interview. This can be translated into pictograms, drawings, wording, infographics, diagrams,... Everything is possible with 2D motion design. With the added touch of motion design, take your audience into an immersive experience and make your videos fun.

Your corporate video in motion design

The corporate films or institutional websites often present more formal information or are more complex to assimilate for an uninformed audience. All the more reason to take care of the production! 


Take care of the rhythm, the editing, and give dynamism by adding graphic elements created in accordance with your graphic charter. It is your message that comes to life, with the colors of your company.  

Motion design allows you to have a real impact on your target. In addition to being watched, your corporate film will be appreciated and your message memorized.

interview corporate motion design
honestsweater video product

Present your product in motion design

Soon to launch a new product on the market or want to give a second wind to a campaign already launched? Motion design offers you the opportunity to stand out from the competition. Make a lasting impression with strong images in line with your brand image.

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