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Interactive video

Take your audience on an immersive experience with interactive video. In the age of social networks and artificial intelligence, the audience is no longer content to be a mere spectator. Put them into action! Give them the power to decide what they want to see.

What is an interactive video?

An interactive video is a video that offers a participatory viewing experience for the viewer. Unlike traditional videos, interactive videos allow the audience to make their own decisions and interact with the elements of the video: buttons, images, videos, links,... In interactive video, the consumer is a real actor, it is he who decides what he wants to see.

There are many smart features that can be integrated into an interactive video: summary, path selection, interactions with elements, quizzes, polls, clickable links, additional videos and audios, access to a lexicon, sharing on social networks, etc.

Corporate video

An interactive corporate video

Interactive videos are often used for education, training, and marketingtraining and online games. Invest in interactive video for your corporate video and dramatically improve the user experience.

Interactive video is one of the best solutions to reinforce brand storytelling. Engage your audience directly by telling your brand story in an immersive way. Authentic content promotes the connection between the consumer and the brand. Generate emotions and provide your audience with a unique experience.

This type of video captures the viewer's attention, reinforces recall of key messages, and provides a more fun and engaging experience for viewing the video.

Why make an interactive video?

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Our way of working

You provide us with all the necessary resources and we take care of the rest: scripting, video capture, motion design animation, editing, sound design, visual effects,... As much for film as for animation, interactive video allows a great creative freedom. Everything is thought by our team to offer your community an optimal and innovative experience. Our digital marketing experts will also advise you on the best way to broadcast your interactive video to reach your objectives.