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The live capture of your event

Promote an event, generate buzz or attract traffic with LIVE recording. From recording to broadcasting through moderation, we ensure your live on all platforms of live event and social networks.

Why make a live recording?

Broadcast your event live and expand your audience. Broadcasting a live event boosts brand awareness and visibility. Bring your audience together remotely and optimize the impact of your message. For any type of event, on any broadcasting platform, live capture allows you to capture the moment and its authenticity.

live puressentiel

What are the types of live?

Live event

We film your conference, product presentation, show,... broadcast it live on all platforms. Multi-camera capture, broadcast, graphic inserts, chat moderation.


For all your online events, we manage the live 100% remotely. We take care of broadcasting and highlighting speakers at the right time, integrating videos if needed and managing the chat room.

Fake live

For greater flexibility and less stress, we pre-record the live broadcast. Multi-camera capture, editing, graphic inserts, live broadcast, chat moderation.

Live social networks

Want to do a live chat on your social networks but you want a professional content? We take care of the set up (decor, lights, etc.), the broadcast and the moderation of the chat.

Why use Duckmotion?

/ A team of experts

We come to film your events in your premises or on the place of reception. Our team goes to the location beforehand to check the space, the sound, the light,... so that nothing is left to chance. We broadcast live on all live event and social network platforms: Airmeet, Zoom, Facebook, Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok,... Thanks to the multi-camera capture, we energize your event and highlight the highlights of your event.

live video

/ A live at your image

During the live broadcast or for a mock live, we add graphic inserts in the image of your brand: banners for the speakers, diagrams, animations, logos, etc. You will then obtain a unique video where filmed shots, slides, videos, etc. are mixed together. A strong brand identity, illustrated words and highlighted speakers.

We don't stop at the "one shot" of the live event. After the broadcast of your event, we go even further and decline the recording in several videos. We love to decline a long video in a multitude of video snacks. Something to feed your social networks 😉 This is our specialty!