What type of video to choose to promote your business?

Aaaah video, this powerful marketing tool widely appreciated by consumers and the algorithm. This format boosts the corporate image and generates a high rate of engagement on social networks. 

For boost your salesStand out from your competitors with corporate video!

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That's all well and good... But where to start? Well, at the beginning. What type of video should you choose for your business? Choose it according to your objectives. In this article, we present you 6 types of videos for your corporate video! But first of all, we explain you why to make a corporate video...

7 good reasons to make a corporate video


And many others... Video adapts to all needs. Let's discuss your custom project !

Corporate video

The types of video that can be used for a corporate video

Motion design

The motion design (or animation design) is a technique that involves animating graphic elements (shapes, characters, words, etc.). Any style is possible, from simple to complex. Add to that music and sound effects, and you'll get a innovative, captivating and impactful rendering!


L'interview is a real leverage in your business strategy. Give voice to your company, your partners, your customers, ... and strengthen your brand image. The interview format humanizes your communication and ensures a certain proximity with the viewer. Very common on social networks, opt for the interview to personalize your positioning and create a desire to learn more about your organization and its services.

Screencast video

The screencast allows to show step by step a procedure to follow thanks to screenshots. This type of format allows to improve theuser experienceto facilitate the act of purchase or to train your employees. We energize the rendering with music, animations, voice-over, sound design, etc. Provide your audience with a concrete explanation of your tool, in a way that attractive and fun.

Corporate film

The film is a must-have advertising tool. Authentic and captivating, this video format is ideal for reflecting your company's culture. The film reinforces your sales pitch and supports your identity and DNA. Present your brand, your products, your event in a playful and reassuring way.

3D Animation

The 3D animation allows you to represent elements, visualize a process, model places that are too complicated or technical to film in real life. Use 3D to complement real images or to illustrate a corporate video in a fun way.

Interactive video

The interactive video is a video in which we can interact by clicking on zones (buttons, documents, images,...). The user decides what happens next in the video! (A reference that - almost - everyone knows: the interactive episode of Black Mirror on Netflix).

As much in film as in animation, interactive video allows a certain creative freedom. In the age of social media, the audience is no longer content to watch a video wisely to the end and be a mere spectator. Get them to take action!

There are many ways for a company to communicate. Today, video is the best way to stand out and attract attention. But not all types of video have the same objectives and target the same audiences. 

Call on a video production agency to make a corporate video that meets your objectives.  Duckmotion is there to advise you and accompany you in your project. Contact us to discuss it together.