Screencast video

A simple and concrete explanation thanks to the screencast. A website? A platform? An app? An intranet? The video screencast is the ideal format to present your interface in a simplified and entertaining way.

What is screencast?

A video screencast is a video recording of what happens on a screen (computer, phone, tablet,...). Usually accompanied by a voice-over, this technique allows to show step by step a procedure to follow. Screencast videos are often used to create tutorials, present software or record an e-learning course.

A video screencast for your company

The screencast technique is ideal for creating tutorials for platforms or for demonstrating products. This format is a good solution for training employees on internal software for example. It also allows you to record conferences and then share them in an optimal way on all broadcasting platforms. The screencast videos can be used for example for the company's social networks, its website or emailing campaigns.

Why make a video screencast?

screencast mobile

Our way of working

Once the screen is registered, it can be easily integrated into any environment. 

With motion design, the possibilities are endless. That's why it's a technique we love. The result? A rendering identical to your platform but presented in an attractive and didactic way.

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We can also reproduce the interface of the tool in motion design. In concrete terms, we completely reconstitute the interface of your software by simplifying it and highlighting the key steps of the process. The navigation is thus completely reproduced in 2D animation. Ideal for highlighting a few key functions, without dwelling on all the features (or if your design is not very engaging, but the content takes precedence over the form)

Give us access to your interface and we'll take care of the rest: recording, reproduction, animation, graphic inserts, voice-over, sound design, etc. Our team of creative strategists will do everything in their power to present your platform in a simple and effective way for a dynamic and impactful rendering that will speak to your core target audience.

Some screencast video realizations