How to use video in your marketing strategy?

Develop your brand awareness and generate sales with video marketing!

Use this strategy focused on using video content to attract viewers and convert them into qualified leads.

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Increase your sales!

Learn how we use video as a powerful sales tool. Rely on quality content to generate direct revenue on social networks.

Combine the power of algorithms and video to get results. Generate continuous sales, and dare to ask for a return on investment.


Increase awareness
and traffic to your site!

Attract qualified visitors to your website with awareness campaigns. Content that drives traffic and teaches you about your audience.


Our focus: creating high-performance videos and ensuring that your website matches that performance. These two elements are complementary and inseparable.

To get results, you need to improve every step of the customer journey. Complex?

We're here to help you figure it out!

What are the
benefits from
video marketing?

  • Generate highly engaging content
  • Discover and stabilize the cost of acquisition
  • Refine your knowledge of the market and your target
  • Increase performance over time
  • Create an opening to other countries
  • Optimize its organic referencing

A video marketing strategy tailored to your business

In today's increasingly digital landscape, we believe that creative content must be part of a global strategy.


At Duckmotion, we develop the right video marketing strategy for your business. With our in-house 100% expertise and social-first vision, we know how to showcase your video to your core audience and achieve your goals.

Your audience is complex

Even if your target audience is well defined, it remains infinitely complex!


Your audience is constantly evolving, driven by behaviors that escape much predictability.

You won't reach your audience with a single video.

Reach her with content adapted to her needs, her behaviors, her desires.

Testing ! Testing ! Testing !

We do not believe in miracles. We believe in successive tests that bring results.


There are many ways to present your product. And many reasons to buy it. Hoping to reach your entire audience with the same argument is an illusion! That's why we create multiple video approaches in your video marketing strategy.


The A/B testing, does that speak to you?


How do we know which approach is right? By putting our egos aside... and testing them! The audience will determine what works!

What does this mean in concrete terms? We broadcast the videos, analyze the data and adapt the content continuously. Through successive iterations, performance improves and you learn more about your target's behaviors, but also about everything that hinders the acquisition funnel.

it's mostly video
but not only...

Our expertise in digital marketing has allowed us to go beyond simple video production... We have quickly established ourselves as the first high performance video production agency.


For a video to reach its full potential, it must be part of a overall strategy.

At Duckmotion, we offer you a full service to accompany your videos digital marketing, branding, webdesign, community management

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Discover our way of working!