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Corporate interview

The corporate interview is a real lever in your business strategy. Give a voice to your company, your partners, your customers,... and reinforce your brand image by bringing authenticity. Stir up emotions in your audience with the help of our video production agency.

The interview for your corporate videos

The interview format humanizes your communication and ensures a certain proximity with the viewer. Very common on social networks, opt for the interview to personify your positioning and create the desire to know more about your organization and its services.

The authenticity that emerges from a corporate interview will make your communication unique. This format is particularly suitable for testimonials, e-learning training, webinars, tutorials, etc. With or without multi-cameras, with a plain background or an adapted decor, etc. The interview can be adapted to any subject.

Depending on the environment of your company and what you want to communicate, we advise you on the best set-up to adopt!

Why make a corporate video interview?


Different interview formats

Video interviews can take different forms depending on the broadcasting platform, the objectives and the target. Long or short, face-to-face or cross-camera, discussion or reportage,... From a long video, we can divide it into several capsules snack contentThe format is ideal for your social networks for example. The combinations are (almost) endless. The important thing is to find the best formula for you. That's what we're here for!

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A dynamic corporate interview

We can add to your video inserts in motion design in order to dynamize and illustrate its content. This can be done with pictograms, drawings, wording, infographics, diagrams,... Everything is possible with 2D animation. Add a touch of motion design and make your corporate interviews attractive and fun.

Our way of working

We accompany you in the realization of your video interviews from A to Z. Tell us your objectives and we will take care of the rest. Writing the content of the interview, video capture, management of the interview, editing the video, motion design inserts, up to the broadcast schedule and management of your video media plan for the year... And this, while respecting your brand identity. The result? Authentic and spontaneous content, dynamic and impactful videos, all year long. Trust our expertise.

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Our interview examples