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Whether it's presenting one of your products or creating a complete acquisition campaign, we know how to help you.
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snack content

Need content for your social networks? Short, dynamic, but above all... that will be seen? This is the place to be!
To increase

your sales

Your product is perfect, just sell it. Good news, that's what our acquisition campaigns do. How do we do it?
To increase

your awareness

We have plenty of ideas to increase your visibility. Discover the results our video strategies achieve.
For videos

of presentation

Our videos capture attention. And arouse interest. To make an impression, click here.
For your

music video

The beauty of your music. The perfect support, the ultimate feat.

Your project


Your project is unique. Our creativity is limitless. Together, let's put your project in image.

We know the ideal length of your video.

It is the one that will reach your objectives ! From 6 seconds to over 3 minutes, the only rule is to not rely on "what's being done" but to align with "what works for YOU."

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This influences the results.

All. Your product. Your audience. Your site. The time of year. The budget invested. The distribution platform. The device.

Everything is success factorof failure, of improvement. Our expertise guides you to determine the key elements to play on to improve results; the steps of funnel and those that work well.

We don't sell a magic bullet. We work hard to provide you with tangible answers and an improvement in results visible on the long term.

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What is a performance video?

What do you want to achieve? Increase the site traffic? Increase the online sales? Make yourself known quickly on the social networks? Capture from leads? Who decides on the content of the videos? How are the results measured?

Videos are created to producecommitment on different platforms and optimized for theattention of the Internet user in different format.

We find video templates that for example boost your Facebook page and increase the CTR of your Instagram ad.

Message, emotion, visual approach that correspond to your product, market, and your target.

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A result based on data collection.

What is a good video? What is the ideal length of a video?

Your video will be boosted by the algorithm if it generates commitment.

Thanks to digital marketing we can directly measure the performance of the videos.

We base our campaigns on the CPA and the ROAS rather than on metrics like views or engagement.

When a campaign is launched, we follow up with daily performance. Our analysis is based on powerful tools and a optimization of the campaigns.

The tools ? Facebook Ads Manager, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Google Search Console, Hotjar, Semrush, etc.

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Your brand. Your content. Our recommendations.

We believe that the brand is plant in any strategy.

That's why we consider it essential. We create content by partnership with your wishesby bringing you our expertise in terms of message choice and video construction.

We create videos - with content that is oriented to the needs of the target audience rather than the brand - with content adapted to the codes of the different platforms on which they will be broadcasted - in strict compliance with the values, colors, logo and identity of the brand

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Why work with Duckmotion ?

Cameras, software, drones, studios. Strategic thinking, production, illustration, editing, directing, animation, casting, color grading, everything is managed in-house. To go from concept to effective video in a minimum of time. And allow for
iterations as quickly as necessary. Oh, and for any type of video of course.

"What if we let the audience decide what content that works?"

We are creative strategists. In a logic of performance, the "classic" agency model has no place. Our goal is not to win a creative award. Our goal is to achieve results. 

They trust us