Why use video in your internal communication? 9 video ideas!

Internal communication is essential to the smooth running of a company, and video is an ideal tool to deliver a message effectively.

This article will help you understand the impact of video in internal communication. Discover also some figures and 9 examples of videos for an impactful internal communication! 

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What is internal communication?

Internal communication is defined as a message intended for the employees of a company. It can take different forms depending on the structure of your company, from a simple email to video content. The impact will obviously be different.

You can send a message in the form of a newsletter, suggestion box, instant messaging, conference ...


Your message should be tailored to your company's culture. You can either be more direct and informal, via videos posted internally by employees themselves. Or you can adopt a more "corporate" with a precise communication plan.

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Just like external communication, the objective of internal communication is to maintain consistency and to convey a true corporate culture. Moreover, it relies on similar, if not identical, marketing communication techniques.

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But why use video at the heart of your internal communication? Let's illustrate the impact of video through some significant figures. 

Some figures

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Need some inspiration? The Duck team gives you some examples to get you started effective internal communication.

9 examples of videos to boost internal communications

A film which illustrates the company's culture and highlights the values you hold dear. This is the ideal opportunity to highlight your various CSR* commitments while differentiating yourself. 


*Corporate Social Responsibility refers to all the efforts undertaken within the framework of their activities. These actions relate to social, environmental, economic and ethical issues. The approach can be voluntary or legally binding.

The video strengthens internal cohesionThis is a great way to bring people together and make them real people. ambassadors. The employees are all involved and become a close-knit team around a common vision. This creates a real sense of belonging and boosts the corporate culture.

A series of interviews with your employees. You can create a real exchange space with your employees and the different departments. The interviews can be spontaneous or more elaborate, the goal being to convey a positive message with authentic and impactful content.

Informational videos with a more corporate format allow the sharing of information such as the balance sheet or the global situation of the company or any other less digestible information in a lighter way.


Welcome videos for new recruits to support and accompany the employee during his first days. This type of video allows for consistency in the reception and structure of the information.

Video can come into play when a new recruit arrives in the company by allowing an optimization of the onboarding. This process allows a stress reduction for the newcomer through theunlimited access to clear and digestible information. This way, the employee will feel directly integrated and will be instantly immersed in the company's culture.

Training videos for employees who want to grow by continuing to learn. It is important to put in place an effective program that allows everyone to consider development opportunities and thus align their personal goals with those of the company. The screencast is one of the best solutions for this purpose.

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Video is a powerful lever and allows to maintain a dynamics the company and its employees. For example, by continuously training them or by communicating in a more slight on key company events and data.

Retrospective videos projects and/or events. Indeed, thanks to video, you can reach all your employees instantly. A good way to involve them in the global functioning of the company would be for example to create videos that summarize the projects and events of the past year. 

A "motivational speech to stimulate teams with an impactful message that lets them know management is there for them. This kind of talk again reinforces the feeling of inclusion.

Storytelling is used to tell your story by conveying emotion, which creates engagement. It's a storytelling technique that allows you to develop a powerful narrative that invites the target audience to interact by commenting and/or sharing.

Video is a means of communication impactful and adaptable in different formats or styles. No matter what your industry is, you will always find a adapted video format to the functioning of your company. Depending on the objectives set, it is possible to produce a simple explanatory video as well as a more complex video, associated for example, with a storytelling.

The teasing is a good way to stimulate your employees. It's a short video - 15 to 20 seconds - that allows to arouse curiosity and to put the target in suspense in order to encourage the viewing of the video as soon as it is released. A teasing video always precedes a revelation video.

As you will have understood, video is an effective tool for optimal internal communication.

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