Digital marketing: 6 new trends in 2022 & our advice

Digital marketing is constantly evolving. But what are the trends for the new year 2022? Find out in this article. 

Remember... In 2021, the digital marketing trends were authenticity, branding content, sustainable marketing, interactive content, and many others.

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#1 : TikTok and its expansion

In the continuity of 2020 and 2021, it is without surprise that TikTok will continue its rise. In 2021, micro-content exploded with TikTok but also with Instagram's "reels" or Twitter's "fleets". This year more than ever, companies will have to make a special effort to tame the social network and its codes to ensure their presence on the platform. You want some Short, punchy and dynamic content for your social networks? We have the solution for you 😉

In 2022, the new feature on TikTok will be a more advanced advertising platform to allow brands to create larger social ads. Think about integrating it into your digital marketing strategy.

#2: Content is king

In digital marketing, marketers are now prioritizing the quality of their content above all else. Among the billions of content on the Internet, quality and authenticity will come first. 

In 2022, you need to focus on quality content for your audience. Make your publications more educational, inspiring and engaging. It's no longer about posting every day to stand out from the crowd, but rather providing relevant and informative content for your audience. Consumers need to find value in following your pages. They are more and more demanding and brands will have to analyze their actions in depth to be in tune with their audience and meet their expectations.

#3 : Video, always more

Video marketing is becoming more and more important in digital marketing. Why video? Videos help businesses grow. According to a survey conducted by Rendforest, video is the most preferred type of content by internet users on social networks. 
  • Videos help businesses get 66% more qualified leads.
  • 44% of people are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.
  • 85% of companies use video in their marketing strategy.
  • 88% of companies that use video have a positive return on investment (ROI).
  • 71% of companies post their videos on social media. 

With the steady increase in mobile usage, we can expect to see more and more videos online. In fact, did you know that 85% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound? Check out our 5 tips to create a silent but attractive video for your networks!

What are you waiting for? Generate sales with video marketing!

#4: Cookies, the end of tracking

The announcement by Google of the end of its famous cookies, has caused a real upheaval in the world of digital marketing. This novelty will revolutionize the marketing strategy of many brands based on social ads. Indeed, the end of cookies means the end of tracking and therefore a new balance to find with less targeting and performance measurement for advertisers. Companies will no longer be able to track the path of Internet users on websites and therefore target their interests in their digital marketing strategy.
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#5: Social selling

We find more and more e-commerce on social media platforms. Notably, the shopping feature on Instagram that allows for a much smoother buying process as it allows for purchases to be made without having to leave the app. In 2022, brands will have to completely rethink their shopping journey by adapting to the different platforms and take advantage of them. 

If you haven't yet integrated social selling into your digital marketing strategy, it's time to get started. Hootsuite shares with you good social selling practices.

#6: Influence Marketing

Influencer marketing is nowadays an important communication channel and is increasingly used in marketing strategies. This channel allows for better results and less risk. The brands that will stand out from the crowd will be those that manage to find the right influencers to reach their objectives. Be careful to select them well... According to their engagement rate, their community and especially their authenticity.

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