How to use TikTok for your business?

If you live on Mars, you may never have heard of the TikTok application, we'll quickly explain what it is!


TikTok a mobile application that allows to share short videos, filmed on a music sample or a parody in which the user puts himself in scene. It is the platform of second degree and offbeat humor par excellence. Everything is present on the app to create customized content.

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If the platform was originally aimed at young teens wanting to share original videos on a musical soundtrack or a movie clip, today it has become a marketing tool in its own right, reaching several generations. Use Tiktok wisely and your sales are bound to be positively impacted.


We illustrate this through some significant figures of the platform! 

1. TikTok: the statistics of the social network

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The snack content is proving to be an effective formula for Tiktok. Short, entertaining and engaging videos are the perfect format to create engagement on social networks. 


The TikTok platform is evolving very quickly, but how did it get there?

2. What is TikTok? The history of the platform.

ByteDance launched in 2017 the "Douyin" application (the Chinese equivalent of TikTok), on the Asian continent and decided the same year to buy the company*, their distant European competitor. 


It is following this acquisition, that in 2018, the small revolution TikTok starts, especially due to the merger of TikTok and! The users of were directly transferred to the new platform and enjoyed it. The merger of the companies has been appreciated by consumers and in less than a year, the platform is shaking the downloads and announces the color to its competitors! 

tiktok dance

* no longer exists today, it was a social network based on video creation, which included instant messaging and live streaming. First appearing in 2014, will disappear in 2018 following a buyout by Tiktok.

TikTok is an all-in-one platform! Indeed, filters and effects are directly available on the application, you won't even need to leave the program to create the desired content. A godsend for the content creators and for the creators of the platform... This operation plunges the viewer into a never-ending viewing loop. 


The users are the content creators for the platform. In other words, it runs on its own thanks to the large number of users that keeps growing. This phenomenon has not stopped, especially since the appearance of TikTok trends! 

3. What are the trends on TikTok? 

There are, in a way, two categories of users: the trend setters and the more traditional users, who follow these trends.

It's hard to be in lack of inspiration on TikTok, the videos to reproduce are so numerous that you will identify yourself with one of them. The goal is to be up to date and to reproduce videos on the sounds of the moment. The more rigorous content creators will therefore have to post several times a week (or even a day) to stay up to date. 

The #tiktoktrends are often represented via hashtags. To demonstrate the importance of the phenomenon on the platform, we are interested here in one trend in particular, the hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt


With 13.7 billion views accumulated on this hashtag that has gone viral, you can understand the commercial interest that some companies have in it. 


The principle is simple, show the products that the videos on the application have convinced you to buy, in the same way as an "Unboxing". Some companies that offered the products featured in the videos, were sold out in one day.


This trend goes beyond the sphere of TikTok and can be found on other platforms like Youtube. Admire how some famous French Youtubers like JoycaRomy and many others were caught in the magnitude of the hashtag! There is even a Youtube channel specially dedicated to these videos. 

Youtube channel Tiktokmademebuyit

Here is the challenge to be present on the number one platform in Europe, multiply the ideas and do not be afraid to create fun, offbeat content and communicate differently than on your usual social networks!

4. How to use TikTok in your communication? Examples.

Like this famous #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt shows us, the platform has become a real marketing communication tool. 


Whether you offer a service or sell a product, you will always have your place on the social network, the only thing is to know how to use it.

The question we all ask ourselves: "how do I integrate TikTok into my marketing communication?" We give you some examples of communication professionals on TikTok! 

tiktok logo
  • The French Minister of Transport : @jbdjebb 

  • The Minister-President of the Walloon government Elio Di Rupo : @eliodirupo

  • An employee of the STIB: @laylalili57

  • The STIB itself is not doing too badly either: @stibofficial

  • Zara offers colorful and original content, specially adapted to the platform: @zara

The content found on these accounts proves that you should not simply sell your product or service, but rather show who you are. Use the platform to communicate on aspects more outside your core business. Note that the competition is not yet too present, it's time to stand out and freely express all the creativity that lies within you!


Paid posts 

Apart from content created in-house and simply posted on your account, it is possible to create paid advertising content. The platform offers formats that meet various objectives of conversion or visibility for example. Prices start at around 500$ but the results are generally very positive.

5. Influence marketing on TikTok

You may want to use influencers to promote your company, a product or a service you offer. Here again, the choice will not be random.


If only we could choose from the best... For starters, we probably don't have the budget. Secondly, the most popular influencers are not necessarily the most suitable for your product or service

World: most followed tiktok accounts

In addition to being very, very expensive, the most famous tiktokeurs in the world are located in the US, Italy, the Philippines, Mexico and Turkey. As a European company this doesn't mean that Belgian and French users, for example, don't consume their content, but it is less likely that these influencers speak to your target.

As you can see, if your company is located in Belgium or in France, you will have to focus on content creators from those countries. But that's not all, each influencer has an area of "expertise" and stands out with a particular style or a specific activity. You will find on the platform more lifestyle accounts, others more focused on sports or humor... It is essential to be represented by a person who shares your values and who matches the style of your company, so you increase the chances of being adopted by his audience!

Tiktok creator marketplace

The TikTok creator Marketplace is a very efficient tool to find and then evaluate your collaborations. The platform is used to find a content creator that matches your company's values and your needs in order to quickly generate results.

Through this tool you have access to private statistics on tiktokeurs, which allows you to make the best choice. Once the collaboration is established, you also have access to precise data that will allow you to measure the effectiveness of the partnership.

6. How to create TikTok content for your business? Our tips!

As you can see, to make your Tiktok account evolve you have to follow some basic "rules" specific to the platform. 

We give you some tips to perform! 

#1 Create a professional TikTok account

The TikTok professional account gives you access to your statistics and they are precious to make your account grow! As on other platforms, you can choose between a "creator" or "business" account. It's basically the same but one is more adapted to "influencers" and the other to companies that directly offer a product or a service for sale.

#3 Post content adapted to the platform

We're all tempted to post the same content on all our social networks, yet to each format its own platform. It's better for the algorithm and for your community. However, we can't do everything all the time, posting a reel on your tiktok every now and then can help you keep up!

#2 Post several times a day, be rigorous

The motto is: R-I-G-U-E-U-R... The platform likes to please consumers and highlights the most regular content creators. A little law says that, to be at the top of the top on TikTok, you have to post three times a day (and that hurts).

#4 Stand out: fun, originality and creativity

Following trends is good, creating them is better. Don't be afraid to test videos, challenge your audience... At worst no one will see them, at best you will be pleasantly surprised but play the game!

At Duckmotion, we're the pros at snack content videosthe ideal format for TikTok!

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