Why make a corporate video?

The company video is an advertising tool from which you can present your services and products to the general public. Many successful companies around the world use it every day. This is because it is an effective way to strengthen their brand image, improve the understanding of their products/services among users and increase their awareness.

According to a study conducted in January 2022, of the 7.9 billion people on the planet, approximately 62.5 % were using the Internet. In fact, in almost all regions of the planet, men and women are increasingly taking advantage of the services offered by the Internet. If we take for example the case of social networks, we will see that the number of users is multiplying at a lightning speed. This migration towards the Internet in general and social networks in particular is not only of interest to the new generation. Indeed, we have noticed that more and more, even the "old generation" is progressively getting into it.

However, the Internet is not used in the same way by its users. If it is a means of distraction and relaxation for some, for others, the Internet is a real work tool. Many companies develop marketing strategies through the Internet. Yes, through the Internet, you can develop safe and effective techniques to make your business more profitable. In particular, you can use the company videosalso known as corporate videos. In this article, we will give you convincing reasons to integrate corporate video into your digital strategy. Let's go!


Why make a corporate video?

Have you been looking for the idea of the century to make your company known to the world? You should definitely try corporate videos or corporate film. Because the world is changing, you too will have to make efforts to keep up with it. Discover now some reasons to use corporate videos in your strategy.

1. To communicate effectively internally

Do you have routine information to pass on to your staff? Use corporate video. It is sometimes more boring and difficult for many people to take time to read documents than to listen to a video. To present the company's balance sheet or to make important announcements to your staff, video is a very simple and effective way. Thanks to video, you will no longer have to stick posters on boards that almost no one will read. The corporate video will allow you to energize the workspace. You will give more life to the work environment of your employees or collaborators. 

2. To increase your awareness

The target of corporate videos varies according to the objective. In some cases, it is addressed to its internal staff. However, it is usually aimed at external people. It can be your customers, your prospects or even your suppliers or partners. 

To carry out a company video will allow you to become better known by people who don't know you yet. Some of them may have heard of your company in passing. With this means of communication, you give them the opportunity to learn a little more about you and your activities. 

The corporate video is also a good way to communicate the values that your company embodies. Whether you are a young or an old company, you can considerably optimize your clientele through this medium. 

However, it's not about making a video just to make, no! As much as you can increase your notoriety through the corporate video, you can sabotage yourself if you do it wrong. Yes, with the corporate video you can make yourself known, but it is much better to make yourself known positively. That's why you need to make sure that your corporate video is flawless. 

Our team of professionals is available to help you increase your visibility and boost your sales through impressive company videos.

3. To entertain

Many people find it difficult to have any real time to enjoy themselves because of their daily activities. The pressures at work and at home can be unbearable. That's why some people like to watch videos to escape for a few minutes. So, through a corporate video, you can help a person relax, leaving behind all their worries. This is even more possible if your video has a social and friendly character.

Also, many people are used to watching a video before making a purchase. Depending on the field you're in, you can make a funny video of a few minutes that might entice a prospect to buy your products or services. 

4. To boost your SEO ranking on Google

As we said at the beginning of this article: the proportion of people using the Internet in the world is constantly growing. Google is now the biggest search engine in the world. By creating a corporate video, you can improve your ranking on Google and thus boost your traffic. In concrete terms, this means that you will have a better chance of being seen by Internet users.

Indeed, when someone performs a search, Google sorts the most relevant answers and ranks them at the top of the page. If you don't manage to be at the top of the list, you will have little chance of being visible in the searches of Internet users. Among the aspects that make the difference, video content is very important. Your presence on the Internet must be both quantitative and qualitative if you really want to reap the benefits. 

Assuming you operate in the jewelry industry, and there is no video support on your website or social networks. When a potential customer will search for the best jewelry stores, Google will first present him/her with stores that have put images of their products online. That is to say, the most attractive stores, those that have been able to showcase their products through photos, but especially through captivating videos. If you don't have any, you will be referenced from the 3e page and more. Being present on the Internet is good, but being present with quality content is even better. 

5. To get closer to your customers 

Getting closer to your customers as a business is a necessity. You need to be able to build trust between you and your followers. For this, video is an incredibly effective tool. 

Indeed, with the internet and social networks, very few people are still interested in reading. You can present your services, your values in a good PDF document, it will not interest many people. People are discrete because of their numerous notifications. So you have to capture their attention with something very interesting: the corporate video.

Studies have shown that it is much easier for an Internet user to follow a 10-minute video than to read a document for 5 minutes. 

So what do you need to do to make sure your potential customers know what you do on a daily basis? The solution is simple: opt for the corporate video to highlight your products and services. 

Through the video, your potential customers have the opportunity to see how you deploy yourself on a daily basis to serve them. In the case of videos that are filmed within the company, the client or prospect is integrated into your daily work environment. 

Using our example of the jewelry store, you can show how the jewelers are working to bring out good quality jewelry. You can show the atmosphere that prevails in the company during work periods. 

These are details that seem insignificant but that in a subtle way create a climate of confidence between you and your prospects. This will allow you to retain your current customers and attract new ones. 

6. To strengthen your presence on social networks

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and other social networks are a real force that can be capitalized on from a marketing perspective. A business can't operate in 2023 the way businesses operated in 1990. As a business, having a website is great, but you're better off creating pages on social networks as well. Social networks can be used as a channel not only to prospect for customers but also to retain them. Many businesses have increased their sales tenfold by posting videos on TikTok. When you know how it works, it becomes very easy to make your business profitable through Tiktok. Discover our article How to use TikTok for your business?

In Europe and in almost all parts of the world, young and old spend a lot of time on social networks. Certainly, even without wanting to, you have already received in your phone videos of stars (of music, sports, etc.). The latter have indeed understood that to have more fans (or followers), they need to use these communication channels. And of course, more followers means more income. 

Just like music videos, you can use corporate videos to boost your visibility on social networks. And for that, there's nothing like the content video snack! The favorite format of Internet users and algorithms on social networks. 

7. To recruit qualified personnel

Thinking of recruiting new employees in the coming days or weeks? Do it with a corporate video. 

Gone are the days when job advertisements were placed through the press, radio and TV announcements. By publishing on these communication channels today, few people will have the information. And if few people have the information, you limit your chances of recruiting the best people for the job. Even dedicated job search sites sometimes have limited reach.

However, with a corporate videoyou can make a good presentation of the profile that you are looking for in each position. You can do this by presenting the company, its history and its values. This will allow you to know during the interview, which of your candidates seems to identify most with your values. Moreover, you will be able to reach a larger number of people with such a video. You will therefore have a greater chance of finding the profile you really need. 

8. To save money 

Contrary to what many people think, making a corporate video is very economical. At first glance, you will see the financial, material, logistical and even human resources that must be deployed to make the video. However, by doing a more critical analysis, you will realize that it is beneficial to opt for this solution. We will explain it to you so that you understand better.

The most common ways to advertise a company are on TV or radio (especially through commercials). Companies also sometimes use flyers and posters that are stuck in different places. The means that are mobilized to make these advertising campaigns are sometimes colossal. 

Curiously, the result does not always follow. This is because first of all, when you pay for an advertisement, it is for a limited period. So not only is the advertising not done all day long, but it also ends after a defined deadline. Secondly, it can happen that your advertisement does not reach the right target. 

On the other hand, by making a corporate filmYou will not limit the period of diffusion of your video. Indeed, if you have for example a page on social networks where you post videos, they can be seen and reviewed months and years later. Moreover, through social networks, there is the possibility to share content (in this case videos). 

When you share a video, your own customers or prospects can share it with their friends and family. This means that they will simply advertise you without you paying them a penny. And on these channels, you can reach any target you want: young or old, men or women, etc. 

You will spend a certain amount of money to make a nice video, but when it is actually edited, you will be fine. Publishing is generally free except for a few specific sites. A video is a long-term investment that has a longer life span than traditional media.

Our advice

If you decide to create corporate videos, put all the right ingredients to make them great. Indeed, as much as video has the capacity to attract people to your company, it can also discredit you. That's why it's important to apply yourself as much as possible. Be natural, original and let your customers fall under the spell of what you offer them as products or services. We share with you some tips to make your videos with a smartphone.

Now the ball is in your court. You have enough reasons to engage in the creation of corporate videos to develop your business. Don't forget! This is the digital age and it's nearly impossible to do anything without using the powerful tools of digital. Whether your business is one, five, ten or thirty years old, you can choose this medium to move forward faster. 

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