Why integrate Pinterest into your digital strategy? All our best practices!

With marketers' focus on the giants Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, we often forget about the social network Pinterest. And yet, it's an equally important but still too underrated social network, especially regarding customer acquisition. 

The platform can certainly adapt to your marketing objectives, generate qualified traffic and acquisition.

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What is Pinterest?


Pinterest is a social network based essentially on the sharing of photographs. Created in March 2010 by Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp and Ben Silbermann, the platform aims to be a source of inspiration and works with a principle of pins and boards. The way it works is simple: you pin all the visuals you like or are interested in, you organize them in a board and you share them. Hence the name "Pinterest", "pin" + "interest". We're teaching you something, aren't we?

Pinterest isn't about creating discussion, like other social networks. People use it to find inspiration and buy products. Hence the point of being there if you have things to sell 🙂 !

Some figures

  • The platform now has over 400 million active users worldwide each month. 
  • Over one year, there has been a nice increase in the number of users from generations Y (+36%) and Z (+50%).
  • The social network is mostly used by women (at 60%). But there was a 48% growth in the male audience. 
  • There are over 4 billion Pinterest boards and over 200 billion saved pins. 
  • The network is used primarily on mobile with 85% of searches conducted on the mobile app.
  • By 2021, Pinterest accounted for $613 million in revenue (+125% year-over-year)

An asset for your brand?

It's important to note that there is less competition on Pinterest than on other social networking platforms. Also, pins have a much longer lifespan than a Facebook post or a tweet.

A post on Pinterest has a lifespan of 4 months while it only lasts 5 hours on Facebook, for example. This means that your content will continue to catch your audience's attention for 4 months (on average) before it gets drowned in the stream of posts.

Knowing this, would you like toinvest time in Pinterest ?

Pinterest content lifespan

The advantages of the platform

Your brand identity

Pinterest is the right platform to reflect a brand's identity. It's the perfect tool to showcase your products in your graphic universe and thus tell a story around your brand.

Varied content

The social network is known for its inspiring photos, but it also features textual content such as quotes, infographics, recipes, etc. Content that is also very popular. On the platform, remember to vary your content. Be creative and become a source of inspiration for your customers. Think about content adapted to social networks.

Sponsored ads

We all know about the paid advertisements on Facebook Or Instagram, but did you know you could do it on Pinterest? And yes. There are several purposes you can choose from: generate interest, raise awareness of your brand, increase your sales. And there are several formats available to you: sponsored pins, sponsored videos, carousels. You can also set up an advanced target audience. The advantage of doing paid advertising on this platform? As there are less people, and therefore less advertisers on the platform, there is more space for your ad and therefore more chance to gain visibility.

Excellent acquisition leverage

Pinterest is an excellent acquisition lever because of its low-intrusiveness. On the platform, ads are embedded throughout the pins offered. Most users go to the social network for discovery purposes. Almost 93% of them use the platform to find new ideas before making a purchase. Often, they have a vague idea of what they are looking for but are not yet decided on the details. That's why they visit the platform, to find photos that will help them in their purchase decision: colors, models, layout, etc.

Qualified audience

Users stay longer on the platform than on others. Indeed, the social network works by interest and not in a general way. Moreover, they are often enthusiasts who often come back to the app and use it as a reference.

Organic referencing tool

Like all social media, Pinterest helps drive traffic to your website. But with this soical network, the flow can be greater. And yes, every pin you create can redirect the user to your website with a simple click on it. Pinterest is also a good tool for organic SEO. As soon as a user pins one of your content, it provides you a backlink from an authority site.

Good practices

Best practices to turn your account into an acquisition tool!

  • Open a business account
  • Identify your target
  • Establish a list of keywords
  • Create attractive pins to encourage clicks: work on your visuals and catchy titles.
  • Make the user want to go further: work on your pins to partially reveal the information and thus push the user to click. 
  • Be regular: to gain visibility on the platform, post new pins every day. Regularity seduces the algorithm.
  • Publish at the right time: remember to publish your content when your audience is present. Hence the importance of knowing your target audience well.
  • Only 20% of promotional content: ah that famous Pareto's law. Don't overwhelm your users with promotional content every day. Consider 80% of user-centric content, and only 20% on your brand. You need to bring value to your audience.
  • Test, test, test. We can't tell you enough but there is no magic formula. You have to test your contentchallenge, evaluate and adjust. Find out how to A/B testing can increase your conversions !
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