How can A/B testing increase your conversions? 4-step process!

Quality content is content that attracts traffic and that captures online leads. But content that appeals to your audience, only your audience can decide if it is good! A/B testing is becoming more and more important in digital marketing and rightly so! It allows you to focus on what works for your audience.

If you've never heard of this method, the title says it all... You have to experiment with version A and version B to find out which version works best.

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What can we test with this famous "A/B testing"?

Visual A/B testing

It's simple: you can perform tests on anything that is testable! That is:

  • the videos
  • images/photos
  • newsletters
  • call-to-actions
  • landing pages
  • the titles
  • etc.

If one of the above elements is not adapted to the target, you can quickly lose potential customers.

But why do A/B testing?

Nowadays, marketers have more and more statistical data at their disposal. It has therefore almost become an obligation to rely on them and to leave your intuition aside, especially when it comes to paid advertising, for example on Facebook Ads.

When a homepage, a newsletter or a call-to-action is badly placed or not adapted to the target, you can quickly lose visitors and therefore potential customers.

This is obviously what should be avoided for continue its sales ! And one solution to achieve this is A/B testing.

Test videos for a real return on investment (ROI)!

When a video campaign is launched, you may have noticed that a single video can be declined in a multitude of versions. Some shorter than others, edited in a certain way and sometimes with different formats.

In the current era, with social networks, not doing A/B testing may seem absurd.

With more and more traffic online where videos have become the most consumed and appreciated content by users, A/B testing is needed. The short and dynamic content has become king!

How to do A/B testing?

You can call on experts to manage your A/B testing campaigns and guarantee high performance content. Duckmotion is a video production agency in Brussels and offers a A/B testing service to guarantee results with the distribution of the videos. 

There are 4 key steps in the A/B testing process:

  • The video is available in different formats (square, 16:9, ...) to be adapted according to the platform where the video will be broadcast.
  • Determine what works best as a video introduction. An illustration? A face? A wording? Test them to determine what catches the eye and works best for your audience!
  • The analysis! You have to analyze which version is the best in view of the results. Once defined, just continue on the winning version and propose more videos of the kind to your audience.
  • Last but not least! All these steps of A/B testing will allow you to reduce the acquisition cost for generate leads.

As you may have understood, testing is the key! 

Concretely, we create several video approaches. We then broadcast them on social networks. Depending on their performance, we readapt them to obtain better results. By successive iterations, the performance improves and you learn more about your target's behaviors, but also about everything that hinders the acquisition funnel.

Are you interested in this technique? Contact us and we will discuss your project together.