Why use a video agency?

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Have you finally decided to promote your company's activities through digital channels? It's one of the best decisions you can make to get better known by your customers and prospects. As you know, we are in the digital age and this age requires us to rethink old habits. Many of the marketing strategies that were once effective are outdated nowadays. A business is meant to grow and develop, otherwise it dies after a few years of existence. Many companies have chosen corporate video to stand out from the competition and gain the largest market share, and for this, the majority of them have trusted a video production agency

In a video production agencyyou will benefit from motion design services, corporate filminterviewingscreencastinteractive video3D animation, ... However, not all audiovisual agencies are created equal. Since 2014, Duckmotion is an agency in Belgium that has set itself apart from others by its expertise in strategy and creativity.

However, in order to understand why you should use a video production agency, we propose in this article its definition and its advantages.

What is a video production agency?

A video production agency is a place for audiovisual production, in the broadest sense. It allows the design and production of audiovisual content according to the needs of clients. In a video agencyIn addition, many films, commercials, corporate videos and other works are produced on a daily basis. 


The realization of these video contents is very often carried out by professionals of the audiovisual communication: cameraman, directors, motion designers, editors, etc. The sole objective of these professionals is to create rich, captivating and converting content according to your needs. 

Their work is not only limited to filming but also to give life to their creations. For example, you want to make a company video ? The video agency is able to find strategies that will allow your video to achieve the desired results. 

Making a corporate video may seem accessible to everyone. However, to make a quality video, it is always better to entrust it to a reliable agency. To easily locate the right one, it is ideal to do accurate research on the studio concerned before jumping in. At DuckmotionTo date, we have completed more than 700 projects. Discover our portfolio.

You already know what a video agency is? It's time to find out why many people trust an agency and why you should trust them with your video communication.

Why use a video production agency?

1. Framing your needs and objectives

Many companies make interesting numbers, which sometimes can be blinding. Indeed, you can make significant profits each month by exploiting less than 60% of your potential. A wise person is able to detect this very quickly. The digital world is so conquering that you can double or even triple your turnover at the speed of light.


Do you have a website? How does it work? Do you constantly evaluate what your website is actually doing for you? Do you always reach the objectives you have set? By hiring an agency, you can have a diagnosis of your digital platforms to improve them.


A website or pages on social networks will not automatically give you a higher turnover. You need to feed them with content adapted to the needs of your target. Professionals are usually well placed to detect flaws and adjust them. But of course, you will have to inform them about your business needs and objectives. 

2. Determine the best type of communication
When you decide to make a video on your web platforms, it is important to approach it with a clearly defined type of communication. The communication that will be used is closely related to the target audience and your objectives. A video agency will be able to help you make the best choice. 

Let's take an example to illustrate this point. If you want to make a video that aims to educate an audience, the communication cannot be the same as the one used in an explanatory video. 


When you explain to your customers how to use your products, for example, it is interesting to add text while the images scroll. These videos are a kind of tutorial to help users catch all the details. 

However, in an awareness video, it is important to evoke emotion in those who will watch it. Indeed, those who watch it must be able to identify themselves through the points you will address in your video. In these cases, the video should also be edited with a specific type of music in the background. 


In addition, most agencies work with professional writers who can write the right texts for any kind of business. Yes, we are talking about videos, but it is important to have quality texts to have an impeccable rendering. 


Added to the texts, the quality of the narration is essential. Do you want to make a video where you explain, for example, the genesis of your company and where it wants to go? The quality of the narration must be of the essence. Your customers, your prospects, your partners must be able to relate to the story that will be told in the video. Here it is not only the quality of the text that counts, but the voice of the narrator and even his intonation. 

Depending on your expectations, audiovisual professionals are better placed to find the best communication formula with all that it entails. 

Discover the types of video and their specifications to see which ones fit your business.

3. Opening up to new horizons

It is undeniable that the web is today a powerful channel to be known throughout the world. A company that wants to prosper in the 21st century cannot do so without the web. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult for the uninitiated to do it properly. In these cases, it is necessary to call upon a company that will help you set up a powerful tool for the development of your company. 


By projecting yourself on the web in this way, you will break down very large physical barriers and open your business to wider horizons. On the Internet, you will have many potential customers that you will never be able to reach by staying in your conventional communication and marketing channels. These people are accessible, but you just need to know how to find them and how to captivate them with your products or services. That's where video agencies come in. 


You will benefit from quality services thanks to teams made up of creative motion designers, cameramen, digital marketers, copywriters, illustrators, ... These professionals will allow you to benefit from complete services to succeed in your video communication in order to reach your objectives.


Take a look at our website to see the services that Duckmotion video production agency offers.

4. Improve understanding of your company and its activities

Whether your business is new or not, you need to reach as many people as possible. Agencies offer services that will allow you to reach your target population in record time. Their particularity is that they are able to design videos that are educational, entertaining and aesthetic.


No one decides to make a video for nothing: there is always a goal to achieve. That's why your videos need to be educational. Before you decide to shoot a video, take some time to think about what you want to achieve. When you have it, the video agency will produce an edifying video according to your request.

Also, for a video to get enough views and reposts, it has to look good and have an entertaining feel to it. These aspects matter much more than you can imagine. A user who stops on a video with a bad screen resolution will tend to close it quickly. The same goes for content. When they are boring, nobody wants to stay there for 2 minutes. 


By using an audiovisual production agency, your video content will have a better chance of seducing. This is crucial since the objective of these videos directly or indirectly is to sell your services and/or products. 

why use a video agency
5. Humanize your company

Many businesses that are present on the Internet through a website or social networks sometimes struggle to find content that brings them closer to their customers. People who visit your site need to see that you are a serious business. Because of this, you need to liven up your various digital platforms from time to time. 

Try to show yourself in a different light than the one your customers see you in every day. This is very important because it will give a very human character to your company. Many customers or prospects need this proximity to feel confident with the company. It is also a very good way to communicate on the values you embody as a company. 

6. Convince your prospects and customers to sell better

One of the major goals of any business is to sell as much as possible, make a profit and expand the business. To achieve this goal, there are many strategies and one of the most effective is to use corporate videos. 

Producing and publishing videos that showcase your products will show that you have complete confidence in their quality. More than just photos, videos give more value to the products you showcase. Moreover, you can show some steps of the production process of your products through a video. 

It may seem trivial, but these details make a difference in the minds of consumers. They will see through the videos how rigorous you are in the production of your products. 

Depending on the type of products you put forward, you can show users how to use them. Moreover, customers are often suspicious of photos that do not always attest to the real quality of the products. By making a video, you will simply give more credibility to your products. It is therefore a way that could allow you to convince your customers and therefore make more figures. 

To achieve your goals, it will not be a matter of making banal videos, but videos of real professionals. This will be done through an experienced video agency. Their goal is to transmit a message that will be intelligible and understandable by everyone. 

7. Have a perfect video quality

Agencies invest a lot of money in acquiring the latest equipment. Speaking of digital cameras, there are plenty of them on the market and it is not always easy to know which ones are better. Using the services of an agency will save you a lot of these questions. Most of them are equipped with high-tech equipment for filming, sound recording and editing. All these elements are necessary to have a good quality video. The video being of good quality, it will have more chance to seduce. 

8. Save time

For any business, time is a precious commodity. In everything you do, it is important to spend the least amount of time possible but with the best results. 


By using an external video agency, you will save much more time than if you were to make the video yourself. Indeed, these structures are used to such services and therefore, they have a greater facility to find interesting and original scenarios for different companies. 


Editing a script can be tedious and time consuming. You will save a lot of time by choosing an animation studio for script editing. The experience that the video production agency has allows it to avoid mistakes (especially in terms of lighting, sound, etc.) that many people make in their early days. 


Now is not the time to doubt the importance of a video production agency. Whether you want to create relevant and captivating videos music videosIf you are looking for a video agency for your project, motion design, etc., the video agency is what you need.

Duckmotion is a video production agency specialized in animation and digital marketing, with over 250 satisfied companies. Do you have specific questions or a unique project? Contact us through our contact formwe respond quickly.