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Did you know that more than 70 % of marketers say they have increased their sales with video? Video generates 30% more interactions than photos on social networks. It's become the winning format on social networks and there's a reason that about 300 videos are posted on YouTube every minute. This is just to understand how important it is to use video in your marketing strategy. Indeed, the video marketing or video marketing (is now positioned as a strategic tool for the success of various types of digital promotion campaigns.


To help you better understand what video marketing is all about, we'll start by explaining what video marketing is. Then we'll show you the benefits of integrating video marketing into your strategy. Finally, we'll explain why it's necessary to use a video marketing agency.

What is video marketing?

The video marketing or video marketing is a marketing strategy centered on the use of videos to captivate prospects and convert them into quality leads. It is a strategy that has developed due to the strong impact that the web is having on people's consumption habits. Nowadays, nothing is done outside of the Internet. Knowing that a good marketing strategy must bear fruit (conversion of prospects into customers, customer loyalty, etc.), it is therefore wise to align with the requirements of our era. 


The expression video marketing is quite broad and takes into account many factors. These include video snacks, music videos, live performances and corporate video which is one of the main strategies used in video marketing. 


So, if you decide to do video marketing for your business, there are several types of videos to choose from. Each video has its own particularities and a specific framework in which it is used. 


In a marketing video, all possible elements are used to touch people's sensitivity. We play on the quality of the images, the graphics and even on the music because it is supposed to create a certain emotion. 


An important aspect to note is that marketing videos should be short (less than 2 minutes). When they are long, they can be completely distracting, and distract the viewer from the main purpose of the video. Also, many people tend to avoid videos of a certain length. 


Despite the many advantages of video marketing, many companies are still dragging their feet in this marketing logic. If you too are still hesitating, we will give you good reasons to launch yourself once and for all in this high value-added marketing strategy.

Why use video marketing?

Any company that is born hopes to progress and expand as far as possible. But as the saying goes, "If you want to go far, you'd better watch out". If you want your business to grow, you will have to set up an effective marketing strategy. This is what will allow you to make profits in order to expand your business as you wish. 


Through video marketing, you can achieve great results in a short period of time.


1. The marketing video to better communicate on a product or service

Video marketing is a way for companies to communicate about their activities or their products and services. Very few people take the time to read an ad in a newspaper. So you can't develop your business in 2023 with the same methods that were used 40 or 50 years ago. The world is changing and so is the way it works. 

As a business developer, you need to be up to date. When you offer a new product to your customers, you need to do it in a way that appeals to them at first contact. Many people are very sensitive to what they see. Using video marketing is the perfect way to convince them to buy your product. 

2. The marketing video has a playful character

Many people go online for entertainment and relaxation. It's a way to let go of the pressure of work, home, etc. Communicating your products through videos will give you a better chance to be seen by potential customers. Not many people are interested in reading, so you have to find a way to get your message across in a different way. 

By feeding your digital platforms with persuasive video contentYou will undoubtedly get more people to follow you. A person might end up watching your video just to relax. But they might end up being interested in the product presented in the video. Opting for video in your marketing strategy is the perfect way to combine business with pleasure!

3. The video has a viral character

Marketing video has a unique feature: it can spread very quickly. Indeed, when you make a video and post it on your digital platforms, it is possible that third parties will share it. This is an extremely effective and, to say the least, free advertising factor. 

In fact, it is very easy to share video content, compared to text. The more a content is shared, the more likely it is to captivate the largest number of people. 

4. Video has great persuasive power

Marketing aims to influence the behavior of prospects. A good marketing strategy must be able to play on the emotions of the person you want to convert into a customer. Through video marketing, it is quite easy to get a person to turn to a particular product. This content is very illustrative and helps to understand the advantages of a product in a few seconds. When it is well designed, the marketing video is able to seduce a person who did not know your product or service yet.

5. Video marketing helps to reinforce the brand image

In a world invaded by digital technology, there's no better way to increase national and international awareness than through video marketing. After all, isn't the world a global village? If your company doesn't have a digital platform yet, you're behind. Your main competitors will inevitably have a head start on you by their simple presence on the web. 

Remember that it is really important to make yourself known, your activities and the values you defend as a company. For example, by making a video of motion designYou can quickly give 1000 reasons to a user to be interested in you and your company. 

However, the most important thing is not just to make a marketing video, but to make a video that will bear fruit, in other words, give results. This is why video marketing agencies exist. Their role is to assist companies in the design and production of targeted video content.

Video marketing agency: a strong ally to develop your marketing strategies

To optimize the results obtained by your video marketing strategyyou need a video marketing agency. It is a company specialized in the conception of quality video content. A video marketing agency has techniques that will allow you to boost your communication. 

Now discover the benefits of a video marketing agency in detail.

Video marketing to boost your communication

1. Take advantage of expert services

Video marketing is an art. To get started, you must have the necessary tools. The realization of a marketing video is very often done with images that will be animated. In addition to that, the marketing video offers music in the background. The images and the music should not be chosen randomly if you want good results.

Video marketing agencies have many experts with different hats. It is the combination of these different talents that allows us to produce quality videos that meet your needs and that will have an impact on your target. 

video marketing agency can also help you assess the current state of your business. You can also benefit from innovative ideas that will help you increase your performance. The experts at video marketing agencies have enough experience for you to benefit from, so don't hesitate!

2. Increase your notoriety

It is interesting to be known, but it will be useless to be popular among the wrong target. The realization of a marketing video in agency is thus done according to a well defined target to allow you to increase your notoriety intelligently.

Moreover, after the realization, there is the publication of the video on a platform. If you don't know the platform that corresponds to your target, you will also have difficulty converting.

Video marketing agency professionals have a better knowledge of the platforms suitable for different types of targets. They will help you build a unique identity for your company and make it visible to the largest number of people. 

3. Save time and money with video marketing agencies

Every business owner knows: "time is money". Digital marketing management is very time consuming especially when you don't have the necessary tools. However, no business can grow without a good digital marketing strategy. 

Video marketing agencies are professionals in the digital world. They will help you develop strategies to communicate effectively in record time. Your role will be to give clear orientations on what you expect as objectives. Your project will be treated with great consideration for your complete satisfaction.

In addition, using a video marketing agency will help you make big savings. Indeed, digital communication, in addition to the expertise it requires, requires powerful equipment and sophisticated software. So, if you have to hire employees, experts in digital marketing, it can be more expensive in view of the additional elements you will have to get. 

By turning to a video marketing agency, you will not only benefit from the expertise of its employees but also from its latest technologies. 

Duckmotion, the video marketing agency par excellence in Belgium

Are you looking for a video marketing agency with a proven track record? Duckmotion is the right agency for you. In our video production agencywe use the video marketing to make innovative videos of various types. These include corporate video, snack video, live video and music video. 

The corporate video 

This is a very popular video for business promoters to improve their brand image. This type of video will allow you to boost your visibility, acquire qualified leads and even turn your audience into your brand ambassadors.

Here is a example of a corporate video made by the Duck Team.

The snack video content 

This is a short and dynamic video content that you can use to feed your social networks. This type of video can be used as organic content or for your ads. This type of video content is very appreciated by the algorithms of social networks.


The live 

Would you like to promote an event or generate buzz online? At Duckmotion we offer remote recording and moderation services of your live event on all live event and social network platforms.


From music videos 

Looking for a way to stand out from your competitors with a cool, trendy music video? Check out the music videos in our portfolio.

We have the expertise to help you increase your sales tenfold with video marketing strategies that work.

The video marketing is a powerful asset for the communication of companies. It allows to put forward a company and its products or services. But for that, it is important to have your videos made by video marketing agencies. These agencies are very well equipped in terms of human and material resources. So, if you have a project to make a marketing video for your company, let us know for a better accompaniment.