How to make an effective explainer video?

effective instructional video?

Today, companies use various methods to promote themselves in order to expand their business. One of these methods is the video marketing. It is a marketing strategy that has been developed following the awareness by companies of the power of the Internet. Indeed, many companies have websites. However, the only presence of a company on the Internet does not automatically guarantee it to be sufficiently visible and followed by its customers or prospects. The real challenge is to create quality content such as than the explanatory video to feed the digital platforms. 


To learn more about the concept of explainer videos, we invite you to read this article to the end. We'll start by explaining what a explainer video is and why every company should make one or more explainer videos. Then, we will introduce you to the different types of explainer videos. Finally, we'll share the Duck Team's tips for making a great explainer video.

What is an explainer video?

Simply put, an explainer video is a short animated content (usually less than 2 minutes) that aims to explain an offer, a project or a message in a simple way. It is usually used for marketing purposes. The idea is to give a general overview of the product or service concerned. In the video, the advantages of buying the product or service are highlighted. 


It is a method that is used quite a lot because of its attractive and fun character. The explanatory company video can indeed make it possible to transmit a complex message with greater ease. These are particularly dynamic contents with the succession of images and texts crowned by the quality of the sound. 


Opt for a explanatory video is a great way to highlight the benefits of the product or service the company offers. Especially since the explainer video can be used in any field. 


Despite the definition of explainer video, you still don't understand why it is important for your business? In the next part, we will present you all the positive points of explainer video for your company.

Why make an explanatory video for your company?

Marketing is defined as the analysis of consumer needs and the set of actions used by organizations to influence their behavior. It is a fundamental element for any company that wishes to increase its sales.

A company's marketing strategy is what largely defines the results it will achieve. So, to move forward, you need to find an effective way to reach your target to influence their behavior to your advantage. And for that, nothing better than video marketing and more specifically the explanatory video or company video. Discover now why through its advantages!

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1. Increase your visibility

For your business to grow, it needs to use the best methods of our era. We are currently in the digital age and it would be a big mistake to develop strategies that do not take this reality into account. 


Men, women, young and old, all social categories are more and more present on the web. You can no longer focus your strategies as companies did in 1970, it would be suicidal! The new companies, just like the old ones, need to be known by as many people as possible. For this, the corporate video is perfect. 


To carry out a quality corporate video and post it on your various digital platforms, will arouse the interest of many people. The people who are interested in what you are proposing can then become ambassadors through the content sharing system. 


What does this mean in practical terms? "I watch a corporate video that captivates me, I share it with someone with whom we have something in common. This person also becomes a potential customer who could attract others. In effect, I will have advertised the company in question without them paying me a dime." 


Imagine for a moment that a dozen, twenty, thirty people do it for your company. This would undoubtedly contribute to increase the visibility of your company.

2. Facilitate the understanding of a product or service

The explanatory videos have a very pedagogical vocation. By extension, they are considered as a training tool. As you know, we are in the digital age, so many people tend to get as much information as possible before buying a product or service. 

To reassure them, many successful companies opt for the animated explanatory video. In such a video, you can for example show the manufacturing process of your products. If you are a service provider, you can make a video that briefly presents the type of services you offer. However, the video should provide as much information as possible about your activities.

3. Create a climate of proximity with the customers

Trust is a key element in the company/customer relationship. This trust can only be built in a context of proximity with your customers. Your website or your pages on social networks need to be fed with content that interests.


The more people visit your website, the more they will feel close to you, the more they will trust you. When trust is established, it becomes easy for a customer to buy a product. 


In your corporate videos, you must allow your target to identify with the message you are transmitting. As we said before, you can show the manufacturing process of your products in a video. 


A person who comes across such a video will develop trust in your company and its products without even knowing it. However, this is only possible if the content is of really good quality. That's why the choice of the video production agency who will accompany you in the realization of your explanatory video is essential.

4. Memorize the message more easily

Explainer videos incorporate both images, text and music (all carefully chosen.) These are messages that are easily remembered by most people. In an explainer video, you won't find mile-long messages that will lose your customers.


The ideas are presented clearly so that any potential customer can understand what you are offering as a service or product. In addition, the images of the explanatory video are carefully chosen to captivate your audience, always with the aim of making it easy for them to retain the entire message conveyed. 


Moreover, studies have shown that it is easier to remember what you see and hear at the same time. The explanatory video is therefore an incredible way to seduce your target and make them want your products.


To make a good explainer video, you should contact an explainer video agency such as Duckmotion.


However, to help you make an animated explainer video that suits your needs, learn about the different types of videos.

Types of explainer videos

To meet the demands of customers in various industries, there are different types of explainer videos. Sit back and find out what type of explainer video you need.

1. The motion design

It is a technique to animate different elements to make an animated video. The motion design can also be defined as the art or technique of putting diagrams or images in motion. It is a method that is particularly used when it comes to illustrating concepts and explaining processes.

2. The corporate film

It is a very valuable tool for advertising. It must be original and captivating to arouse the interest of your target. Moreover, it must also have a playful character.

3. The interview

It is a strategy through which you can talk about your company yourself or involve one of your customers. It is a way that can easily build trust between your company and your customers or prospects. The interview is a form of corporate communication that is widely used on social networks. 


Have you made your choice? It's time to introduce you to the Duck Team's tips for creating an explainer video.

Steps to create an explainer video

The creation of an animated explanatory video is done according to a very precise caneva. There are generally 5 steps.

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1. Define your project and set objectives

You don't just wake up one morning and decide to make an explainer video. It must be the result of a thorough work. You must have a clear project with well-defined objectives. For that, you must establish a schedule of conditions according to :


  • The message you want to convey

If you have found it useful to make an explainer video, it is because there is a message you want to convey. Remember, we talked about a few types of explainer videos and their specificity. Is it an advertising campaign you want to do? Do you simply want to talk about your company and its values through an interview? Basically, you need to have a clear message to convey.


  • From the target

This is also very important because in order to design and produce an explainer video, you need to know what your target's needs are. This is because it allows you to know how to adapt the delivery of the message in order to influence the target. Is your video aimed at men? Women? Both sexes? Will your corporate video be addressed to customers you want to retain or to prospects you want to convert into customers? You've got it, your target must be clear!


Discover our examples of explanatory videos or corporate videos!

2. Write a good script

The script is the main thread that will accompany you during the making of the video. When writing the script, you must take into account several parameters. The first parameter to take into account is the product or service you want to highlight in the video. 


Next, you need to say how your product is useful for your target. This means presenting its advantages, its particularity, etc. In addition, at this stage, you must determine whether or not you want to record your video with a voice-over. 


The voice-over gives the possibility to proceed to the construction of a sound narrative structure that allows to make the visual content more understandable. 


In any case, a good script must be able to attract the audience's attention: this starts from the first seconds of the video. Similarly, the script should have a "call to action" at the end of the video.

3. Create the storyboard

At this stage, you need to make the different sketches that will be used in the video. These sketches must be drawn with care and easily convey your message. The storyboard is even more delicate when you decide to make a video without any voice over. 


Indeed, if the images are not sufficiently illustrative, those who see the video may watch it without understanding it. So, take your time to design a quality storyboard.

4. Integrate animations

 As you already know, an explainer video should be dynamic. At this stage, you need to add other graphic elements to give more life to your video. These graphic elements must be consistent with the subject you are talking about in the video. The animation of all the elements you will use is done with specific software. 

5. Integrate an adapted sound

When you are done with the previous steps, all you have to do is to integrate a coherent music to the video. The choice of background music is not random. This music must be able to create emotions in the people who will watch the video. 


Some software have a few sounds in their library but you don't have to choose one if you are not convinced. When all this is done, you can proceed to broadcast the video on your different digital platforms. 


Do you have an explainer video project? You'd better talk to a video agency to get the best guidance. The Duckmotion team is available to help you with your explainer video creation project. Contact us to discuss.