Motion design agency or animation studio?

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Have you ever considered producing animated videos to promote your company's products or services? If so, you've probably also wondered about the difference between motion design and animation. "Is it a motion design agency or an animation studio that I need?" Many of you are asking yourselves this question, and fortunately we've decided to answer it today in our new article.

In short, the motion design agency specializes in the creation of corporate videos. The animation studio, on the other hand, specializes in the production of cinematographic works. Have you got the gist?


We won't stop there. In this article, you'll discover what a motion design agency and animation studio really is. 


After that, we'll tell you the difference between a motion design agency and an animation studio. 


Finally, we'll explain the different services offered by a motion design agency, so that you can knock on the right door without any ambiguity.

What is a motion design agency?

Motion design

To better understand what a motion design agency or motion design studio is, we first need to understand what motion design is. So, what is motion design? 


The motion design is a technique for animating different elements to create an animated video. The term motion design is made up of 2 words, "motion" and "design". These 2 words mean "movement" and "design" respectively.


Motion design is the art or technique of setting diagrams or images in motion. The aim is to convey a message in a dynamic way, as in commercials, music videos, film trailers or certain advertising displays.


Now that you know exactly what motion design is, we can better explain what a motion design agency is.


A motion design agency as Duckmotion is an agency specializing in the creation of captivating video content using motion design. These videos are suitable for all sectors of activity, including training, healthcare, industry and many others. 


Trusting a motion design agency will enable you to benefit from a strategy that starts with the study of your project and ends with its distribution. The motion design videos you obtain will be in perfect correlation with your visual identity, your values and your image.


At DuckmotionWe can create 2D animation videos, 3D animation videos, screencasts, interviews, illustrations and more. We have a team of professionals available to design and set up video content tailored to your company's objectives. Since 2017, Duckmotion is recognized as an expert in Belgian motion design. 


Here's a link to a video motion design to help you make your own judgement.



Overall, the motion design agencies are generally specialized in the creation of animated content combining video, 2D or 3D graphics, sound and typography. The type of content produced by motion design agencies varies according to several factors.


As this article is based on the motion design agency and the animation studio, it's time to tell you what an animation studio is.

What is an animation studio?

Before we talk about animation studios, let's first take a look at what animation is. Animation is a cinematographic art form whose aim is to tell a story using effects and storytelling techniques. There is 2D and 3D animation. As a general rule, animation is very often based on a storyboard. As such, it aims to tell a story, a scenario and more. What's important to remember, however, is that animation is a technique used by an animation studio, but can also be used by a motion design agency.


When we talk about an animation studio, what you need to remember is that it's a studio whose aim is to produce animated films for the cinema. It's in an animation studio that short films, feature films, TV series and anything else related to cinema are made.


If you need to create an animated film for the cinema, you'll need to call on the services of an animation studio.

The difference between a motion design agency and an animation studio

Motion design

We all know that what motion design agencies and animation studios have in common is the creation of animated content for digital platforms. While it's true that a motion design agency also uses animation techniques, there are several differences between a motion design agency and an animation studio.


Motion design agencies specialize in creating content for companies, associations and various other types of customer. To meet their customers' needs, motion design agencies offer services such as the creation of coporate videos using motion design (motion video). However, not all motion design agencies are created equal. Some limit themselves to producing animated videos using motion design, while others offer several other services.


At Duckmotion, in addition to motion design videos, our team is capable of producing corporate films, interview videos, screencasts, music videos, live broadcasts, etc.


Returning to animation studios, they specialize in filmmaking. Their aim is to create breathtaking motion pictures and TV series.


In short, motion design agencies produce advertising content, while animation studios specialize in audiovisual production. The latter focus much more on technical effects in their videos. They produce films, cartoons, TV series and more.  


So, in reality, motion design and animation are not aimed at the same audience. Companies wishing to promote their products or services should turn to motion design agencies, not animation studios.  


You'll understand why we say this after reading the next part of this article in its entirety.

Why choose a motion design agency instead of an animation studio?

If you've read this article carefully so far, you should know that a motion design agency does not produce the same types of content as an animation studio.


The motion design agency or motion design studio is able to explain simply and convey complex messages in an animated way. The visual aspect of motion design content is well suited to reaching a wide audience in a practical and aesthetic way. What's more, motion video is better suited to advertising content than animated video.


Motion design allows you to get a message across in an entertaining way, even in the business world. The result is that corporate videos produced using motion design techniques have a very wide reach.


Finally, motion design services are less expensive than animation studio services.


It's all these positive points that make motion design a must-have for today's corporate market.

Motion design, the key to standing out from the competition

As an entrepreneur, the best way to showcase your activities on the web is to opt for a motion design video. However, this type of video is the responsibility of a motion design agency or agence vidéo motion design.


In fact, you'll gain a lot by contacting a motion video agency such that Duckmotion. Here are just a few of the benefits awaiting you.

Get advice from professionals

You probably excel in your field because you're an expert in it. You've probably been trained and now have the experience to handle situations that a novice couldn't manage. It's the same with motion design.


It's a field in which people have been training and gaining experience for many years. When you use a motion design agency, you can benefit from a wide range of advice on how to create the best content for your business.


Depending on your objectives and the message you want to convey, the motion design professional will make suggestions on how to implement it. It's also worth noting that, depending on the distribution channel envisaged, the motion designer will find it easier to set up a targeted content.


The content you find on YouTube, for example, is not always the same as what you'll find on Twitter, for example. 


So, just as your customers need your advice to buy your products or services, you too need motion design experts to produce quality content.

The motion designer is an artist

As you already know, motion design is an art. And as with all art, motion design can't be made by just anyone. Anyone can make videos, but not everyone can make good quality videos that work.


When you listen to Michel Sardou sing, you feel mastery at the mere sound of his voice. When you watch Lionel Messi handle the ball, you admire his talent. It's exactly the same with motion design.


It's an art in which professionals who are as good in their field as Sardou and Messi are in music and soccer respectively.


Motion designers combine graphic design and editing skills. They design, produce and edit graphic productions, which have to be original every time. These graphic productions integrate video, 2D or 3D animation, special effects, sound and more. 


Admire the results of motion design through our corporate videos, videos for social networks, music videos, screencast and 3D animations.


All these components need to be well put together to produce an excellent result. Motion design is a time-consuming process, because in every video it's essential to have a touch of originality.


A motion designer could create 10 pieces of content for the same company, each with different characteristics. The most important thing in all cases would be to get the message across as simply and intelligibly as possible.


That's why every time you call on the services of a motion design agencyYou need to have a clear idea of what you're looking for. This collaboration is imperative for the production of content that will satisfy you.

Duckmotion in a few words...

This is a video production agency based in Brussels specializing in motion design. The video agency produces quality content that will help you achieve your objectives. Over 250 satisfied customers and more than 2,000 videos already produced. 

Duckmotion is a motion design studio with a multi-skilled team of over 25 professionals. Our team is made up of creative motion designers, copywriters, illustrators, digital marketers and designers. Entrusting us with your project means benefiting from a wide range of skills, from motion design to digital marketing.

Here, in a nutshell, is what you need to know about Duckmotion motion design agency.

To conclude our article, we'd like to say that the motion design agency and the animation studio offer different content aimed at different targets.

If you're an entrepreneur looking to promote your services or products, you should know that it's not easy to read long texts. So stop offering long, boring texts to your prospects and opt for the video motion design. This video, which is both attractive and effective in conveying the message, will enable you to raise your profile. It's a captivating and entertaining way to present your products and services to prospective customers. To produce a corporate video, you'll need a motion design agency. Contact the Duckmotion team today, and together we'll make your dream video a reality.