Our 10 favorite expressions in After Effects

What is an expression After Effects?

After Effects expressions are a motion designer's secret weapon. 


An After Effects expression is a programming code in Javascript language that can be integrated in any timeline by pressing Alt. Expressions allow you to automate repetitive tasks, build flexible rigs and extend the capabilities you have with keyframes. After Effects expressions are very handy and powerful for creating amazing animations. 

Expression or script After Effects ?

There are two approaches to programming in Adobe After Effects: expressions and scripts. But what is the difference?

The expressions are associated with layer properties and evaluated during rendering. While scripts are external files (.jsx) that are evaluated at the execution of the script.

Here is the Alibaba cave of Duckmotion's favorite After Effects expressions Wiggle, Scale, Camera Ref, Loop, Time, Checkbox, Shadowtrace, Stroke,... This database is at your disposal for free and easily accessible. 


To be used with care, attention and delicacy.

Good discovery!