Corporate video

To present your product, an event, your company...
Video is the best way! Captivate your audience with a video designed to please.
Duckmotio Video corporate

Let's create the corporate video you've been dreaming of.

Some projects don't require a full campaign. But all ideas deserve a video 🙂 ! More appeal, retention, visibility, a boost to your SEO, social media.
Our experts will create the perfect video whatever your need. 

No need to panic! It's what we do! 
Tell us what you need, and we'll do the rest. We listen to your ideas and write the script for your videos, adding our Duckmotion expertise. 
You already have a story but it's long and complex?
We share it in several video clips of different formats, perfect for sharing on your social networks-

Animation is more conceptual, so it lends itself particularly to an explanatory video. While the use of real images creates a more emotional connection.
Depending on your objectives and the medium, we recommend one or the other, or even a mix of both in some cases!
We discuss with you, write a script and prepare the storyboard. You will see and participate if you wish in each step of the creation of the video.

Including adaptations and your feedback, the production will take about two weeks. The time can also vary if it is an interview, a 2D video or a 3D video. Very complex projects are subject to a schedule to be defined together. Whatever the project is, you will receive a precise retroplanning from us at the beginning of the project.
Need a video in a hurry? Call us, we'll do our best to fit it into the production.

A "brand book" includes your graphic charter. Discover our article "How and why to create a brand book for your business?". 
It allows you to collect the fonts used, your logos, your illustrations and all the creations associated with your brand. It is essential to ensure consistency (graphic) between all the media you create. It allows you to truly differentiate yourself by creating a strong and distinguishable brand.
You don't have a brand book? We can make it for you!
Do you have one? It will be used as a basis in the creation of your video!

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